The Passion Evangelos Marinakis Has For Children in IT

The Passion Evangelos Marinakis Has For Children in IT

Information Technology has been a significant tool that has seen the businesses of Evangelos Marinakis to the highest scale. Being an entrepreneur with massive investments, he has found the advanced use of technology to be a big boost to his management. With the right software, you can run many programs and manage your business miles away from your office.

The modern education has gone a notch higher. Nowadays, people take courses without getting out of their houses. In the most cases residences of far continents such as Asia, take online degrees and PhDs in universities in Europe and other continents. They get tutorials and compete favorably like any other student within the state. Virtually all sectors of the economy have integrated the use of IT to improve.

In the recent past, IT has been known to create more credible results in election management. Many countries in the world have adopted the use of internet voting and the biometrics to verify the process. With all this in place, it indisputable the fact that IT related services are no longer a luxury.

The Information Technology oriented schools seem to do much well then the non-compliant. The use of internet in learning has led to tremendous changes through information access and variety of content.

Evangelos has pioneered the spread of IT-based institutions to improve learning. He donates for construction of a computer laboratory in most schools. The schools that have benefited from this move have shown much progress. There is an improvement in performance and the logical development.

The students in the school with IT-Lab have shown much interest in learning. The curiosity to learn through internet generates the need to acquire more. These schools have also managed to enjoy the services of the switchboards which have highly digitized the learning process. Students can revise the lessons long after by use of switchboards.

In Africa, Evangelos has collaborated with various governments to supply laptops to young learners. This is to ease the burden of carrying books and to promote computer literacy. The equal opportunities in learning have been evident between the poor and the rich. The poor were unable to have computer-oriented education and use.

Teachers have been trained to help support the children to use the computers. At least in their early ages, they can learn more computer skills like graphics, and design which are skills that can help them compete favorably in the job market.

The police department has gone digital too. Forensic studies need IT-based technology to operate. The crime rate has gone down due to the advanced use of technology both in monitoring and executing sensitive transactions that require identity, and footage.

Evangelos Marinakis has put up many centers in the villages where internet access is an issue. This has added to more literacy in computer literacy matters. The local communities can now feel the worth of having computers in their environment.

In as a much as it is worth to have the digital penetration, it not been a smooth riding through for Evangelos. Some communities had pre-determined decisions over the adverse effects of the internet. Evangelos has included in the package of his teaching the methods of protecting the youths and children from negative uses of the computer.

He has also made teachings of making the users protect themselves from cyber bullying. The cyber-crimes are on the rise, and it has led to mass destruction. The users have to be aware, that is why Evangelos has been keen to ensure no child suffers as a result of unprotected use of internet.

In all cooperate sectors IT is a vital component in the general operations. The farming sector, engineering, and all management are all IT-dependent.